Children as a whole, are encouraged to obey and listen to the superior elders of their lives and carry out all orders given to them. Therefore, they are expected to sit back and appear unconcerned about the harmful changes which every human is inflicting on the earth. This is why it is such big news when children rebel against their seniors and try to make a difference, and this is working. Children are the apple of their parents’ eyes, and thus make a large impact in adult society. Slowly, the world’s youth are realising their power over their elders, and are taking action. 

Greta Thunberg
Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg. A young inspiring teenager keen to make a difference. Only 16 and already talking to the world’s major leaders and making speeches at important places, such as Brussels, and meetings. Her method of persuasion is as follows: every Friday, she misses school and cycles to the parliament site to sit beside her sign bearing SKOLSTREJK FÖR KLIMATET, directly translated as SCHOOL STRIKE FOR THE CLIMATE.

This simple act has inspired hundreds of other children to follow in her footsteps and protest against the ways in which the older generations are eradicating our future. These are simple, non-violent marches or sit ins which are used to awaken the adult community to the dangers pressing in on the world and all the living things in it. Because of Greta Thunberg, 64 countries are preforming a total of 596 marches on Friday 15th March 2019.

Politicians, the leaders of our world, we feel are not preforming at the best of their abilities to make our future worth living for. As a protester once said, “THERE IS NO PLANET B”. Now they are finally starting to realise after countless demonstrations that there is a major problem. The adult community must act now before it is too late, and they have destroyed our future before we even got that far.

So, try and make it happen, for the children of the world.

Children protest against Global Warming.

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