Nowadays, the youth face a serious problem: It’s that no one understands us and constantly blames the thing we grew up with, technology, and most importantly, phones. But they just don’t understand!

Hasn’t everyone had that moment where you’ve done something wrong and your parent has told you that it’s all your phone’s fault, even though it has nothing to do with your phone? And after that, been given the lecture on how you need to play less video games and read more and stop being on social media?

For those of you that have experienced this, we present the Devil Phone, a caricature of the demonization of phones!

The Devil Phone

Drawn by Sophie

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  • Sawyer Simonet says:

    “When we where your age we never had phones and computers” that’s what they what our parents say to us yet they their parents where concerned of what defining thing our parents As teens/young adults did and the parents of their parents and onward did no different.

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