Year 12 IBDP students took part in the annual Generation Walk this past week as a part of the Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) portion of their International Baccalaureate study. This is the 7th year that the Generation Walk has taken place, and is a cooperation between BSN Senior School Voorschoten and a nearby home for the elderly in the Voorschoten community.


“It’s really important as us as students to do something nice for someone else and expect nothing in return. CAS in IB is very important because it teaches you life skills… and gives you life lessons that aren’t going to be in a textbook, aren’t going to be in an exam but they build you and shape you into you who are.” – Year 12 IB Student

Students practiced maneuvering wheelchairs before picking up their guests from the elderly home and strolling along the lovely wooded path to a Teehuis nearby the school. During the walk, students had an opportunity to practice their Dutch while being able to connect and share stories with people several decades their senior. This Intergeneration Learning in practice not only made it possible for students to hear life-stories and experiences from older generations, but to strengthen their ability to learn and develop outside of the classroom.

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See photos from the day here.

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