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At the end of Summer Term, students in Year 12 had the unique experience of shadowing or working alongside professionals in a range of industries around the Netherlands.  Thanks to the hard work of parents, community members, and BSN staff, students were given the opportunity to learn about possible careers through hands-on experience in their field of interest. As a result of these work placements, the student participants will be able to make a more informed choice about their university education, write a more comprehensive UCAS Personal Statement, and potentially have a mentor for years to come.


Hyatt Place Amsterdam Airport

Students first “checked-in” with their manager for the day, Ms. Shannon Boelhouwer, and the rest of her team.  After a quick briefing, they were separated into pairs and put to work. Student Teo K. not only helped serve brunch, but he also provided a briefing on the food service at the team meeting later that day when his supervisor was unable to attend.  He learned the value of being attentive and involved during his task in order to summarize the outcome to his colleagues later in the day.  Students Francisco Z. and Niranut S. were both given opportunity to learn about HR management and event management, two key areas in the hotel business which can sometimes go unnoticed. Thank you to Mr. Stefan Bloemker, a BSN parent who helped arrange this fantastic two-day experience.

British Embassy in The Hague

Our students interested in mechanical and aerospace engineering and international relations spent the day at the British Embassy.  Working with Ronan O’Hagan, Military Assistant, and his team, the students were taken through mock logistical challenges and required to work together to determine a best course of action to reach an optimal outcome.  They spent the afternoon learning about educational pathways and career opportunities from RAF pilots and Naval officers.  Many were most interested in the innovation and design aspects of helicopters and air-craft carriers, enjoying the engaging ways in which the officers shared their knowledge.

One Farm

While at One Farm, a company whose goal is to provide affordable and healthy food to local communities in order to mitigate the upcoming food crisis, students Chipo K. and Sue L. spent two days learning about vertical farming.  During this time, they were taken through the entire research process, and learned about climate change, food security, and other business drivers. CEO Mira Merme, a BSN parent, worked tirelessly to ensure that the girls had a rewarding and challenging experience. By the end of their time, they had created a research proposal directly related to their future university study.


Our business and finance students were lucky enough to spend the day at Philips Global Head Office, thanks to the generosity of BSN parent, Mr. Henk Siebren de Jong.  Students shadowed a number of professionals and sat in on strategy meetings, video conferences, and management sessions. They were given time to ask questions about educational and career paths that their mentors had taken and evaluated their own potential futures in a new light after hearing from both Mr. Siebren de Jong and his colleague Gertjan van der Weijden.

International Criminal Court

Students keen to study international law and political relations were given a truly unique opportunity to go behind the scenes at the ICC.  Mr. Kamran Choudry and three of his colleagues explained the ICC origins and system to the students before taking them through a chilling mock trial in Courtroom III.  Students donned robes and questioned and cross-examined a witness, receiving feedback and remarks after each session.  In one brief day, it was clear that students saw improvement in their legal arguments, logical thinking process, and articulation of statements.  There is no doubt that these students were invigorated by the opportunity and inspired by Mr. Choudry and his team.

In addition to the many work placement opportunities summarized here, there were students who took advantage of their own community networks and worked alongside practitioners at various places, from local physiotherapy clinics to the EPO.  Without the involvement of generous parents and BSN community members, our Year 12 students would not have had this outstanding opportunity to broaden their interests, ask questions of mentors, and reevaluate their career prospects.

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