Unwritten rules of the corridors

The BSN’s corridors are some of the busiest in the Netherlands. For new students it can be the hardest struggle of their lives, so we have compiled a series of unwritten rules to aid those in need and warn them against the BSN no goes.


Does your bag have wheels?

Does it resemble a suitcase in anyway?

Is it larger than 1/3 of your body?

If any of these apply to you, burn it.

To begin, before you even enter the school you must ensure that you have the right equipment. One of the pet peeves of the corridors are big bags. They get in the way and can be a serious health and safety risk; if you have a bag that’s being pulled behind you there is a large risk of someone tripping and breaking their leg which could be a traumatizing event that will affect the victim forever. They could never walk again. All you need to fit in your bag is a pencil case, book and surface pro. You are not going on holiday any time soon.


Do you need to walk next to 3 or more of your friends?

Are you afraid of losing them?

Do you think its appropriate to fully block the width of the corridor?

As a student of the BSN you hold the capability of assessing a situation. If you are walking through a two way corridor, I think common sense would apply; you should walk in groups of no more than three for the larger corridors and on the stairs strictly single file! It is impossible for the passerby has to contort their body into inhuman positions to be able to make their way further down the corridor when you and your group of friends are blocking it as you feel that you are in need of walking in a horizontal line.


It is important to know the situation that you are in at school; the unwritten hierarchy is

accepted by all. New year 7 students are unsurprisingly at the bottom because they are the youngest most unexperienced in the school. As a year 7 you need to remember that you are no longer the top of the school as you would have been in year 6 in the previous year. But don’t worry, you move up over the years and one day you shall be the top of the

pyramid. Blue jumpers (8 & 9) are still low and need to make sure that they are not an inconvenience to older student

s; however they are a step up from year 7 as they hold an extra couple of years of maturity. Black jumpers (10 & 11) are the next step up.  The start of serious exams creates stress, therefore they do not need added problems in the corridor. At the top are the sixth formers are respected by all and stand out with no uniform. Do not get in their way in the corridors.

Lost property

You should always remember to keep tiny objects such as money, purses, OV chipcards and other cards inside your bag. Check thoroughly for tiny holes or cuts inside bags and pockets because you can run a huge risk of losing money (coins) that you could have used to buy something useful. Like your lunch. Try to avoid leaving your bags and possessions inside the changing rooms, because you never know who might be rummaging through your stuff while you are not there. Especially now that there is a rule set up against that, meaning that thing found or left in the changing rooms are immediately transferred you the PE department.


Stairs and Corridors

Always remember that there are stairs and corridors that you should avoid using at certain

times in school. For example, you should be aware that after lunch the nearest staircase or corridor to the school cafeteria will probably be jungle-like.

In every school we all know that there is one group that walks in a huge pack and slows d

own the flow of students going up and down the corridor. Never forget to go to the quietest staircase in the amazon or, if there are no quiet stairs, then two minutes before the bell rings, stand by the staircase and start swinging on the vines as soon as the noise sounds.


Which way is up and which way is down?

We all know that stairs are a very difficult place due to the large number of students rushing to and from their classes. People often wonder which side to stand on, since it varies from country to country. A way to solve this issue is by sticking signs that indicate which side to stick to when going up and down the staircase.


Look where you are going!

It is quite likely that there is at least one person who runs in the corridor. We should always look where we’re going to avoid crashing and awkwardness. Also remember that there are some people that spill stuff on the ground and don’t pick it up. Animals I say! Always be cautious of those tiny spills and splats on the ground. Being cautious of these spills can save you from getting wet, slipping, falling and injuring yourself.


Maisie, Cleo, Sophie, Maria, Fikunayomi



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