Beyond the Classroom: Making Music for the Real-World

The Music Department is excited to launch BSN Sessions, the official record label here at The British School in the Netherlands. This fully functioning record label will give students a platform to create, record and distribute their own music – taking their learning experience far beyond the classroom by combining theoretical music education with a real-world application of their skills.



Real-world Experience

All BSN students now have the opportunity to release their music on major digital platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music and iTunes. This opportunity expands and strengthens music experiences and challenges students to imagine music beyond the classroom.

We’re putting the emphasis back on performance and composition. It’s an exciting way to attract more students to learn, practice and master an instrument in order to aspire to record and release music in the ‘real world’. Composers, likewise, will now have an outlet to publish their work.

After all, what is better motivation that seeing your composition released on digital platforms alongside major recording artists?



BSN Sessions creates a collaborative environment between students in order to promote and distribute music. Music technology students, who often do not have a chance to participate in performances, will be able to get heavily involved as they are pivotal to this project.

In addition to performance and composition, this project opens up real-world business, finance and marketing opportunities. Students who are not musically oriented but have an interest in business and promotion have the possibility to learn how the music industry works and how to envision themselves as a professional member of it.

Students, teachers and technology working together to redefine what music education can be – that’s the goal of BSN Sessions.

Now let’s make some music!



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