POST BY: Chioma H., a Year 11 book-enthusiast and co-leader of Junior Book Club

Junior Book Club takes place once a week, every Friday lunchtime in the library. Voke and I, who are both in Year 11 lead the meetings either on our own or together. Normally, we begin with discussion concerning the books that we have read that match with our theme. This is something that we choose every month, and every member has to read at least one book from the given genre. In accordance with the genre, we organise activities for each session, and end the genre with a party.

This month’s genre is ‘mystery’. Members have been reading a myriad of novels, ranging from Agatha Christie to graphic novels. Last week, we organised a ‘Mystery Book Hunt’, in which the members toured the library in search of the ‘bully who attacked Jordan Smith’. The entire session was sent searching the library, yet no-one could find the name of the bully. In the end, a ‘subtle’ hint had to be given that the bully’s name was associated with the names of the authors. The eventual winners turned out to be Petrea, Demi and Semana – who discovered ‘Chioma Colaco’, the Year 10 antagonist of the crime.

I believe that I speak for both Voke and myself, when I say that I thoroughly enjoy leading Junior Book Club. It is such a refreshing experience to be around students of the younger years with different mindsets, ideas and passions as myself. Or, to be met by them when on the public bus, and hear their enthusiastic recollections of the novels they’ve been reading and book club-related ideas they have. I would definitely recommend the club for any Year 7 to 9s with a passion for books, or those who would like to read more, but want to discover a different genre range of genres and authors. After all, you never know what genre is going to be chosen from the theme bag…

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