POST BY: Elleni E., Year 12 Student shares a story of support

POST BY: Elleni E., Year 12 Student shares a story of support

For some unaffected, cancer is an ominous threat; we wear sunscreen, avoid smoking and eat certain foods in an attempt to prevent it, but chances are, your family members, loved ones, friends or even you yourself may have had experience in the battle against cancer.
Approximately 39.6% of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lifetimes but the ones who suffer are not only those diagnosed, but the family members, friends, relatives and acquaintances too.

This is the reality for a brave young woman in year 12 from the BSN. It’s the reality she has lived every single day after finding out her father was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.

Her father who she had always seen as invincible. Her father, who was the strong, quirky comedian she looks up to and seeks comfort in when she felt unsafe.

Family is a foundation to a young adult’s life, we build and perceive the world through the glasses moulded by our upbringing. To have something threaten to take that away felt the equivalent to starting an earthquake inside her, shaking the entire foundation she was built on. It brings chaos and confusion at an already confusing time in her adolescence.

However, what can be a source of inspiration to us all, is her positivity and mature outlook on life even while going through all of this: instead of falling under the rubble, this brave young woman has decided to climb out and do what her father has always done for her. Fight.

That is why for the past few months, she, together with her brother, has dedicated herself to raising funds for the Multiple Myeloma research institute. In her own words:

“We want to do as much as we can to give him and other sufferers of Multiple Myeloma the best fighting chance. There is no cure today, but research is playing a huge role in extending the life expectancy of our dad and others who suffer from this cancer. As such, my brother Tijmen and I are asking for your help in raising funds for Multiple Myeloma research. As part of fundraising, we will be competing in marathon events. I will be running the Utrecht half marathon on March 19th 2017 and my brother will run the Edinburgh Marathon on May the 28th 2017.”

For the 18 year old, not only has training for this half marathon been a source of hope, but has made her mentally and physically a stronger person and shown her more than ever not to give up.

We are lucky to live in a world where more and more of these cancers have cures to some extent and survival rates are increasing in those diagnosed, however, with cancers such as Multiple Myeloma there is no cure yet found.
We cannot change what we refuse to confront. So please, help support the cause and give to Multiple Myeloma UK foundation (which funds the critical research into Multiple Myeloma). Please find the link below to our fundraising page.
(This page will ask you to create an account. All that is required is to make up a password, which will immediately allow you to make a contribution.)

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