The BSN School Allotment

The BSN school allotment club was started in 2015 and the allotment was planned and built by November 2015. The aim of the allotment is to grow a wide range fruits and vegetables whilst teaching gardening skills and having fun !

Our school allotment currently consists of 10 raised beds and a green house, we also have a chicken coop awaiting the arrival of chickens next week. The club was started by Ms. Chewter but now has two student leaders, Anna and Amanda, to oversee the running of the garden, as the we aim for the allotment to be student lead.

We strongly believe that a school allotment would benefit schools as it teaches gardening skills, introduces students to new types of vegetables, and encourages children to go outside. In the coming years we look forward to seeing more schools start allotment clubs.

To see our allotment and hear more about it, watch the video.

By Amelia

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