GCSEs are on the Horizon

By Anya, Year 11


We, the Year 11 cohort, are realising that GCSEs are no longer something in the distant future but in fact only a mere two months until we go on study leave. With this dawning the year group has begun the hustle to the finish line.

It is safe to say that procrastination is a skill most Year 11s are trying now to forget. Gone are the days spent on Netflix binge watching a series that is most likely actually killing brain cells, rather than expanding our minds. Our free time is now to be dedicated to buying new notebooks, re-organising and condensing notes and making a start on the inevitable mountain of flash cards.

The teachers have also undertaken the task of constant reminders, “Your GCSEs are only a few weeks away, get on top of your revision”. With this they have set up multiple revision lessons during lunch times, which they have dubbed as “clubs”, making them sound more fun then they actually are. The extra lessons are helpful all the same, and as we continue the approach to the finish line, I’m sure the classrooms will be overflowing with Year 11s cramming the last minute bits of information into their their minds.

Our current efforts will seem all the more worthwhile when the tests pass and the study leave becomes the holiday we all need.

So to all my fellow Year 11s, Good Luck and we still have lots of time till the 24th of August .

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